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Take Clubs to the Next Level with EvenBet Poker!
Take Clubs to the Next Level with EvenBet Poker!
EvenBet Poker Clubs is a software solution to run private poker clubs and communities. It allows application owners to earn through in-app payments and run the clubs games on their own terms.

This software is only a playground platform. No real money in the app.

EvenBet Poker Clubs app is legal almost worldwide. Only an account in mobile marketplace is required. No license or other registration needed.
How it works
EvenBet Poker Clubs app is a perfect way to earn money while clients make in-app purchases.

The standard layout looks like this:
Each player needs some chips to play in a tournament
App hoster sells chips via in-app payments
Tournament organizer buys and issues chips to the registered players
In-app purchases are proceeded officially via App Store or Google Play.

Random number generator is certified. We guarantee fair play.
Good Support
App owner decides if he needs
to customise the app
A customer signs a contract
with EvenBet Gaming and pays
a setup fee
Hight Quality
We customise colors, logos and
so on according to customer's
We give access to a selected set
of games and tournaments that
a customer needs
Games set
We add chosen languages support
Usually it takes a month to test
the ready app
Test period
When everything is good an app
owner pays monthly royalty
fee for weekly updates and lifetime
Royalty fee
Entry barrier for app ownerns and clubs is extremely easy-passing. Everyone may start a new poker club, set up tables and invite members. To launch your own app, you need to create a name, a design, and to order it from us.

Marketing requires a few effort. Users are attracted by the club organizers. All you need is a strong determintation to earn.
How to start
Key Features
EvenBet Poker Clubs app is a legal solution to run without a license. Only an account in App Store or Google Play is required.

This solution is fully customizable. Every club has its own appearance and features. Each application owner may request his design and add a perfect games set as well as to define chips price and rake size.
Native app
iOS & Android apps written in
C++ and QT for smooth
running and best
user experience
In-app purchases
A perfect solution to earn via
in-app purchases
Admin panel
Powerful yet easy web panel
to control users, games,
money and reports
Customisable rake
By default profit comes only from the chips purchases. You can set rake if you need
Reliable hardware
Backend runs on powerful and scalable servers with certified RNG
Lifetime support
Every customer is provided with lifetime updates and support
Why it is cool for owners and club organizers
Technically EvenBet Poker Clubs is a professional poker room. This world-class software is fully compliant with official App Store and Google Play requirements. Security, reliability, server uptime and front-end quality are top-notch.
Handy management
You are allowed to control
games and gamers, also you
see all results and statistics
Easy marketing
It is extremely easy to invite
new club members and
to grow the audience
Fast transfer
Handy and fast chips transfer
from a personal account
to another player's
Secure play
Fair play is guaranteed. No real money games.
No payments processing integration is allowed.
No withdrawals. That's why EvenBet Poker
Clubs is available in the official marketplaces
Confirmation system
For security reasons, players' confirmation
system works for new club members and all
club games. Tables' lifetime is limited
by the club organizer
Try EvenBet Poker Clubs today!
Get EvenBet Poker Clubs demo free and start your personal poker club project today!

The app is available only at the official marketplaces:
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